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Winter drives: Each year North India experiences harsh winters for almost 3 months where hundreds of people die due to near zero temperature. Unfortunately, about 70% people losing life each year are mostly young children and older people. Our volunteers work with societies and offices across NCR and collect old warm clothes and blankets. All these clothes are then divided between volunteers from different areas so that we can help people living on the roads across NCR and not just be focused on some areas. Before doing a drive, our volunteers go and identify areas where people are in real need and avoid some areas where help is available in abundance. Once the area is identified, we conduct a distribution drive of warm clothes and blankets. We always start our drive late at night to ensure people who are living on the roads are only ones there and not others who have houses or street vendors queuing up. We have been doing these drives since 2014 and have helped thousands of people.

Summers: Delhi summers can be as bad as winters with temperature reaching as high as 50 degrees. We refill empty mineral water bottles used across offices and then cool them at the same location. At the end of the day we give these bottles and biscuit packets to people going back home and they give it to anyone they see on the road side, on signals and even at temples and give them cold water. Our inspiration for this project came from an old lady who was in bad condition sitting at the corner of the road, when a volunteer crossed and got down to give her some food and water she started crying as she didn’t remember if she had cold water in summer season in her lifetime. We also work with Delhi and Gurgaon police where we distribute food and water especially during late night shifts.

School chale hum: H4H team believes that either we can feed a person and keep doing that daily or teach a person and make them capable for rest of their life. We identify villages in Delhi/ NCR which are struggling from poverty and illiteracy and establish or support schools to provide quality education to children from underprivileged families. Our quality of education being delivered at these schools is benchmarked with private English medium school and even has computer classes. We also hire and train teachers locally to generate employment alongside knowledgeable principal/administrator from some reputed schools and they guide and train these teachers. Our volunteers are continuously counselling families and encouraging them to send their children to school especially girl child. We also provide sponsorship to bright students for higher education and college by using crowd funding and directly depositing fees with institutes.


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