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— Food and Shelter for the needy

H4H team works towards relief and rescue of people in need, especially our elders. We support many initiatives including rehabilitation of elders and help mentally & physically challenged and socially disowned to get better quality life. We support them with medical care, which includes both medicines and doctors while our volunteers spend time and provide much required emotional support. Many donors also sponsor food while we are trying to identify restaurants and caterers who provide unsold meals to us and can distribute the same and help manage nourishment. Despite our best efforts many elders still live in unimaginable conditions on the roads, only a collective effort from across the society can solve this problem and we seek every possible support for this project.

Basics in life are not expensive and essential. We rescue old and disabled people living on the roads and get them admissions in shelter homes. Its takes only Rs.1,500 to provide for food and shelter for entire month. We also provide food to people living on roads and in case of natural disasters where Rs.35 feeds a person per day



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