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About US

— About Us

Human for Human is a citizen driven movement since 2006 which has been working towards fighting social evils like hunger, relief and rescue, illiteracy and cleanliness. All our activities are being run by volunteers from all walks of life. Our group of volunteers includes everyone from students, teachers, doctors, shop keepers, real estate agent to corporates. None of our volunteers take any salary or incur administration expenses which helps us pass 100% donation to causes supported by Human for Human.

Volunteers from across National Capital Region of Delhi including Delhi, Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida came together to work on various aspects of life of people from under-privileged families. Our volunteer groups work on projects like winter drives where we collect and distribute warm clothes, identify girls who drop out of schools due to financial issues and help them get a sponsor till college education, organizing food banks to feed poor people living on the roads, cleaning drives where our focus has been on removing plastic waste, identifying women from urban villages in Delhi NCR and training them in high demand jobs like cooks, elderly care takers and even teachers for NGO run schools. These are among some of the projects that we drive as part of volunteers.

We have also run projects in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. If you are keen on starting a new project that is currently not listed but can benefit people then please get in touch and we can be able to help you connect with others and help set up the project.


— History of Human for Human

In November 2006, one of our founding members Sonesh Bahel who was living near Jharsa (urban village in Gurgaon) came across a 16-year-old boy. In conversation, Sonesh asked him about his career plans and very confidently this young boy replied that it’s all planned, and he even has a team in place.

Curious about how clear this young boy was about his life, he asked him about his plans. The boy confidently replied that once he is 17 years he will have to do a half murder; the case will go on for 6 months and then he will get out of the jail once he is 18 years due to juvenile law. He has already identified a gang and after he is out of the jail he will then work in land grabbing for builders in Gurugram as it’s a booming business and jail term will help him to have fear of his name across all villages. Sonesh asked the boy on why he is doing that, he has that he never got to go to a school and his family has been living in poverty as far as he can remember. Not even a single day of his life he has seen his parents not worried about next meal as they are just sweepers with local authority and have no other means. Tired of all this, he just wanted to do anything that will help his family out of poverty and did not care if that was wrong or right. The boy was just too tired to see his mother cleaning the roads for Rs.3,000 per month and always been wondering how they will manage next meal.

Was the boy wrong? Maybe yes and maybe no as different people may have different views, but he was definitely misguided. Had he been getting right education maybe he could have been a different person.

With determination to do something about this, Sonesh went back to his office CSR team and discussed the entire situation with them. He then with some more volunteers and CSR team helped in setting up first school in Jharsa village in Gurugram where this boy was one of the first students. Thankfully the boy is not a criminal and is living a normal life but that motivated us to work hard towards ensuing that no other person is misguided and can get an opportunity to explore their potential. Ever since then volunteers kept joining and we all kept working towards various such social causes. Today our team run and support schools, manage vocational centres to help women get economically independent, scholarships programs for under-privileged students and winter drives all through harsh North Indian winters among others.

Every hand that joins us, helps to take many others out of poverty. You can join us by dropping a message on FB or sending us a mail and be part of change.


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