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Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children
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Bringing Dreams within Reach​

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Durga: Life is the best teacher and its favourite methods of teaching is experience and events.

One of our volunteers stopped by an egg stall and saw a young girl washing utensils while her brother was making eggs. The volunteer asked them both about why they are not studying, and the boy told that his father is paralysed, and mother cleans utensils in some houses nearby. While he wanted to work and support his family, his sister is very bright and wanted to go to college but they were not able to afford Rs.30,000 fees per year. The volunteer came in action and having some doubts asked them to take him to see their family. He was shocked to see that their house was just little bigger than the egg stall where a family of four was living. Father was paralysed and could not even move without support while mother had just returned from work. Once the volunteer was sure that the family was in real need, we all met and looked for a sponsor for this girl and she was admitted at a college in Gurugram and fees was directly given to the college.

Winter drives: Each year North India experiences harsh winters

Each year North India experiences harsh winters for almost 3 months where hundreds of people die due to near zero temperature. Unfortunately, about 70% people losing life each year are mostly young children and older people. Our volunteers work with societies and offices across NCR and collect old warm clothes and blankets. All these clothes are then divided between volunteers from different areas so that we can help people living on the roads across NCR and not just be focused on some areas. Before doing a drive, our volunteers go and identify areas where people are in real need and avoid some areas where help is available in abundance. Once the area is identified, we conduct a distribution drive of warm clothes and blankets. We always start our drive late at night to ensure people who are living on the roads are only ones there and not others who have houses or street vendors queuing up. We have been doing these drives since 2014 and have helped thousands of people.


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